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What is Steers doing to prevent Covid-19 spread?

  • We have implemented hand sanitising for all customers.
  • Staff wash and sanitise their hands for 20 seconds at least every 20 minutes.
  • Specific training modules for staff have been launched, and staff have been trained practically in the workplace.
  • Every restaurant has educational best practice notices for our staff and drivers, in accordance with the World Health Organisation.
  • Every staff member, including our delivery drivers, are screened for symptoms every day.
  • 3rd Party drivers are screened with temperature checks and the register is completed. Drivers showing symptoms or a high temperature are not permitted inside and cannot deliver. The 3rd party delivery company is immediately notified.

Do your staff wear gloves?


  • Gloves are at higher risk of carrying pathogens than properly washed hands.
  • Wearing gloves creates a false sense of security and has potential to lead to staff relaxing the strict hygiene standards we uphold at Steers
  • The person wearing the gloves cannot feel dirt or greasiness on their gloves, which means that they change gloves less often than they would wash dirty hands.
  • The wrong sized glove could tear or puncture leading to food contamination due to exposure to skin.
  • Contamination from the gloves themselves could cause cross contamination if the glove had touched any other surfaces.
  • Wearing gloves in our hot and steamy kitchens may cause perspiration on the hands and lead to ideal conditions for bacterial growth on the skin under the gloves.

Do your staff wear masks?

  • Wearing of cloth facemasks is a legislated requirement for everyone.
  • No one is permitted to enter our restaurant premises (including our own staff, delivery teams, suppliers, or inspectors) if they are not wearing a cloth mask.
  • Steers is supplied cloth masks by local Mauritian suppliers, and we do not use surgical masks in our restaurants as this will reduce the availability of surgical masks to our brave healthcare workers in Mauritius.
  • In addition to the cloth face masks, our staff who engage with delivery drivers also wear a face shield as an extra precaution.

Do all restaurants promote regular and thorough handwashing by employees or customers?

  • Hand sanitiser dispensers or bottles are available for drivers and staff.
  • Restaurants display posters promoting regular handwashing and sanitising.
  • Staff have access to places where they can wash their hands with soap and water.
  • Drivers are equipped with personal hand sanitisers for regular use on delivery trips.

What are the protocols that the restaurant follows when a staff member becomes ill with COVID-19?

  • Staff members, when they are feeling unwell or showing signs or symptoms of Coronavirus, should stay at home and quarantined until symptoms have cleared.
  • Our staff are working in separate teams which have zero physical contact between the teams. Should one of our team members start to show symptoms, the entire team will be isolated and sent for testing.
  • Depending on the severity of the case, we might have to close our doors to sterilise the restaurant and reopen with approval from the Department of Health.

How do all restaurants make sure that workplaces are clean and hygienic?

  • Cleaning schedules are followed daily.
  • All food contact surfaces are cleaned and washed, as and when necessary: during and/or immediately after the handling of food so that contamination of the food that meets any such surface is prevented.
  • Daily deep cleaning. This requires all equipment and surfaces to be thoroughly washed with soap and water.

What are the brand’s standard operating procedures when it comes to product handling?

  • Steers prides itself in the strict personal hygiene practices supported by the Steers’ Food Safety Policies.

How is Steers promoting social distancing?

  • Floor markers indicating 1 meter safe distance between workstations are in place.
  • Depending on the size of restaurant and the number of floor markers that assist with social distancing, we only allow a limited number of customers inside.